Thursday, February 1, 2007


Hello parents

Congratulations to all of you. The good news is that our school has finally received the required NOC registration from the state education department.

The registration number is NOC 2006/(91/2006) SE -1.

The same has been displayed on the notice board of the school and any parent wants to see the same has the liberty to do so by going to the school and having a look at the same.

Keep it up.

What remains is the ICSE now and we hope we will receive the same in due course of time.

Jai Hind


Monday, January 15, 2007

Second Meeting

Hello Parents,

This is to inform you all that we have organised the second meeting of all the parents on Friday 19th January 2007, at 6.00 pm at Manjershi Joshi Hall, Five Gardens. This is the same venue of the last meeting.

We request all the parents to attend the meeting without fail. Your presence will boost others to follow.

Jai Hind


Monday, January 1, 2007


Dear Parents,

Wish you all a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year ahead.

We wish, all our efforts are paved off and we all achieve what we are striving for.

Let us get back on the same platform and unite for the common cause. Holidays are over.....

Jai Hind


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

School's NOC Application Papers & Status

Dear All,

Finally we where able to inspect the documents with the school authorities. Few details are mentioned below.

1. Application has been made to the State Department for NOC in May 2005 but because of the problem arising in Goregaon school things where slowly moving at the department side, which the School is following on regular basis with the concern authorities in the education department.

2. The school as per infrastructure, fits in for ICSE affiliation Details on the link

3. The School will be updating parents on monthly basis about developments in the process to get the NOC through Circulars. In short, Work done by the School on the above is satisfactory but we and school have still a long way to go together in getting the NOC and ICSE issue see the light of the day. We will keep you all posted accordingly on any new developments. Do not relax please be charged up as we many need to come together again shortly.



Monday, December 18, 2006

Schools NOC application Inspection update

Dear All,

This is a kind of update to you all concern parents.

We (I & Tejal) where suppose to inspect the documents pertaining to the School documentation and communication of the school with the education board on the NOC matter today at 10.00 am., but where informed this morning that the same has been postponed by the school authorities for tomorrow.

Hopefully we might see the documents tomorrow and will keep you posted on the same..


Vidyut Shah

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Further Action

Dt: 18th December 2006,

Hello everybody

All the meetings with the school are over.

In short we have been briefed as under

1) The application for the NOC with the education department has already been made and the NOC is expected by Feb 07.

2) Once they receive the NOC they would be applying for ICSE and the same is expected post Diwali 2007.

3) If by any chance they do not get thru ICSE then they would offer us IGCSE.

4) They have agreed to show us the copy of the application made to the education department for the NOC. But only to a few representatives of the parents.

Now we need to decide our further course of action.

How seriously should we take them looking at their past record as far as committment are concerned.

Secondly, should we give them a last chance this time. And even if we give them this chance we need to make it sure that we always are on their head to get things done at the earliest.

For this to be zeroed on, we need to do the following,

1) Again have a parents meet amongst ourself at the earliest.

2) Have a consenus amongst ourselves.

3) Decide our course of action.

4) Elect the core group in a democratic manner.

5) Empower the core group to represent all the other parents

6) This core group to consist of parents for various fields of proffession, so that we have expertise amongst us.

7) This core group to meet with the management of the school on a regular basis, say monthly, and would follow up the above issues and try to get the things done at the earliest.

8) We all should have a meet atleast once in a month amongst ourselves, where all the parents would be briefed about the development and further action would be chalked out.

Very soon we will convey you the date, venue and time of our next meeting.

Our request to all the respected parents to attend the said meeting without fail.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Dear Parent,

Kindly go though the below letter. Basis the circular that you have received for the meeting, we would like you print and sign the letter and ensure that you hand it over to the school. Since you would require an acknowledgment, we suggest you hand deliver / courier the same to reach before Friday afternoon.
and do remember to get and save the acknowledgment with rubber stamp and date.

Your signature must include your child's grade. Also do try an get as many signatures as possible.

the letter

Ms. Jawahira Jung,
Jt. Secretary
SAS Billabong High, Mahim
Ref: Circular number 2006-07/BH/773 dated 13th December 2006
Dear Ms Jung,
As per your the circular, we are sending you a questionnaire, to which we expect definite answers during the meeting on Friday as well as a comprehensive written reply addressing all the questions.
When was the application made to the state government for the NOC for ICSE application?
Date and status of the above application?
Copy of the application to be furnished.
When are you going to apply for the ICSE and how long will it take them to process the application?
Why did you promise ICSE affiliation when even the NOC was not in place? This is printed in your brochure. Parents have been misled reading the brochure?
Will you issue a valid school leaving certificate will be acceptable to all the schools?
Why do you require 3 months to issue a school leaving certificate? This time frame is not acceptable to most of the schools. In case we want to take admission in any other school. All other schools issue a school leaving certificate in less than a weeks time.
If KKEL walks out, is SAS well equipped to take care of the school and upto which standard?
Application for ICSE will be made by SAS trust or Billabong High / KKEL?
What is the status of the service agreement that was to be signed between SAS and KKEL? If that has not been signed yet, what is the deadline for the same?
How can Leena not be aware of the things happening at SAS Billabong high and how can she not be responsible for the same? When the fact is that most of the parents have taken admission into the school because of KKEL and why the only answer to all the problems faced by Mahim parents, is to take admission in Santacruz school?
Warm Regards